Return of The Death Ball

Return of The Death Ball

Since the patch that nerfed Mercy, resurrections no longer can determine the outcome of the game. Because of this, Mercy has seen a decline in the current Meta. I think this is a good thing (please, don’t kill me Mercy mains). I play a lot of Mercy and I felt that she made the game awkward with her ability to undo the great plays from my team and the enemy teams. It became frustrating to see that Mercy was a must pick, making it a huge disadvantage if your team didn’t pick her.

From numerous interviews, the Overwatch League players showed a distaste of the Mercy Meta. I’m curious to see how the pros in the OWL will handle this Meta change in Stage 2 starting on 02/21/18.

I suspect that we will see a shift back to a Death Ball composition with Moira for the main heals. Her ability that heal five players at once in a small cone makes it perfect for a DB. It’s also vita for Moira to continue to dish out damage as she is healing to recharge her Biotic ability. With a 20 meter range for her Biotic Grasp, Moira can stay safe behind Reinhardt or Orisa’s shield to siphon from her enemies. Her Biotic Orbs have incredible range that have healing up to 75 HP per second with a cap of 300 HP. The Orbs can also do 50 damage per second. Did I mention the Orbs have an Area of Effect? Last, her Fade ability allows her to escape from the battle without a trace.

There is no doubt in my mind that the team at Blizzard designed Moira for a Death Ball comp. Despite Blizzard’s efforts to tone down the Dive Comp, it has been unsuccessful. Doomfist is proof of this failed attempt. Doomfist’s problem may be that he is an awkward pick, because he didn’t mesh well in the current Meta. From what I’ve seen, most people play Doomfist as a front-line DPS. I think Blizzard’s intentions was to make him a DPS that is to protect the back-line from the Dive.

Now, that the Mercy Meta is on the decline, Moira and Doomfist will see an increase in play as the Death Ball comp makes it’s way back to Overwatch. I can’t tell how much I find this refreshing. The Dive comp has reigned for far too long. It’s also nice to see other supports are being picked.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comment section below.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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