Lunar New Year Patch Details

Lunar New Year Patch Details

Year of the Dog was released today along with fresh content. This patch comes with 50 new seasonal items as well as 6 legendary skins for Genji (White Tiger), Zarya (Black Tortoise), Widowmaker (Black Lily), Mercy (Red Phoenix), McCree, and Pharah.

New skins and sprays are not the only thing that came with this patch. A new feature called Hero Selection Skin is now available. This feature allows you to be able to change your skins at the start of a match. A drop-down menu will be displayed at the beginning of every match that will allow you to change to any skin you’ve unlocked.

A hero change was implemented for Doomfist. His Hand Cannon damage has been reduced from 11 to 6. However, his number of bullets fired has increased from 6 to 11 with a spread pattern that is more steady. Reaper has a slight change. His Death Blossom now targets players behind barriers rather than targeting the barrier.

Some UI updates made it’s way into this patch. When queuing for a match, it now displays what mode you’re queuing for. Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord will display the hero name rather than the gamer tag.

Let me know what you think of this patch in the comment section below.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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